Our Mission & Goals For HATE the DNC

TAKE DOWN the DNC is the main website for what will become a group of websites that will be used to prod the DOJ to investigate, prosecute and convict these anti-American reprobates that are nothing more than a retrograde force for the destruction of our culture, nation and Constitution.

They will all point back to TAKE DOWN the DNC website with particular aspects of their odious and what are now turning out to be criminal actions by the DNC and their acolytes, members, officers and supporters. We intend to bring the truth of this anti-American ideology that has failed everywhere it raises its ugly head. With Venezuela now in its final death throes as its latest victim to identity politics, class warfare and multiculturalism and its victim ideology that lies at its bitter heart of this ideology that is simply based on envy.

These websites will be tailored to specific aspects of this project.

One site will entail a resource for people that already hate the partisan politics that the progressive socialist left engage in at the expense of the nation and people at large and encourage them to take specific actions to destroy the DNC.

Another will discuss specific methods that can and should be used to reveal and peel back the cultural damage that the progressive left, DNC and democrats have thrust upon the nation since the 1930’s. We are now in a culture war thanks to Obama and his rule by fiat where the entire federal government was weaponized to create hegemony for the DNC into perpetuity and is witnessed by the Deep State actions against the Trump presidency with aspects which are to many to discuss in this mission statement.

Andrew Breitbart coined the term “politics is downstream from culture” and we are witnessing the wholesale disruption to our founding principles which were created and implemented for one purpose only to safeguard our natural God given rights. What we are witnessing is the destruction to these rights by the old time and tested Divide and Conquer methods of the first Republic; the Roman Republic.

This is why the DNC creates all these disparate electorates and keeps them separate while catering to them with what we have coined as “entitlement governance.” Where policies and benefits are created to specific electorates preening them for inclusion into the DNC fold. Which is why we are bombarded each presidential election year to a bevy of proposed new entitlements which are used hopefully to entice the citizen to vote for a DNC candidate, even though both parties play this weapon, the DNC has refined it to a high art form.

The fallacy is that for each new electorate that is created only divides up the attention and federal treasury that much more to the point that government become unsustainable.

Well over half of the federal treasury is now used for this despicable purpose, some say well over 65% is now our current federal budget. With much of it borrowed to pay for these benefits for votes scheme. Which makes this practice unsustainable and why we must obliterate the DNC which has used this practice each election year. It is so bad that each DNC candidate in the primaries get into a bidding war on who’s programs and policies will spend more on these divide and conquer electorate(s). The criminality seen in the 2016 election by the DNC and Hillary campaign demands we bring this to a sudden and complete end, and why we must take action

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