We are in new and dangerous territory when we have entities like Antifa and By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) that believe that they can act with impunity against others. What many fail to understand is civilization is fragile and all it take is the right nudge and it fails. This can be natural disasters or in our case an aberrant ideology that has poisoned the well against our founding principles, mores and values that the DNC has done for the last 50 years. We now have groups that happen to believe their propaganda they espouse that this nation is a racist nation that has stacked the deck against all too many in our society. The DNC has done this deliberately for political opportunism and for the raw quest for power.

The danger of course is that at some point even the most steadfast patriot realizes that cooperating with our fellow citizens is a fruitless effort and will then go there own way. When that happens then we will more than likely be plunged into civil war.

We have come to the conclusion that this is the end game to our society and Republic and was put in place by Obama who did everything possible to destroy the Constitution, with a lot help from the GOP in Congress that allowed every nation destroying initiative be implemented. As a matter of fact they funded all of it and may explain why so many Republicans want to oust Trump from office.

Getting back to BAMN we have shown that their leadership believes that they are justified in their violence towards others that they hate with a passion. This does not happen overnight but a continual process that degrades the rule of law, and justice becomes a weapon to use against political enemies. We are being dragged into a quagmire where we are going to be forced to make choices to either capitulate or fight for our freedom and liberty, and it looks like fight it is. We are advocating that the DOJ deescalate the situation by prosecuting the DNC with the RICO statutes as they have shown themselves to be an aberrant ideology that is willing to subvert law and the rule of law for their own aggrandizement and power. No stone was unturned to bring this about as Obama and his band of criminals weaponized the entire federal government against the citizens as their enemies. We have already mentioned that they looted the private sector by extorting settlements by the DOJ to fund many of these entities that Discover the Networks lays bare. At least Trump put an end to this

We have chosen to start each entity off by using Discover The Networks research to show how versatile and thorough the DNC are, we are amazed that many of the same names keep popping up time and time again, this is not by accident but how they increase their footprint in our society, and it is not for our benefit.

If we are going to survive we are going to have to get serious about our destiny and posterity and begin the process of resisting these nation destroying acts by BAMN, Antifa, and a host of others that are working in concert to bring us to our knees. Our citizens are going to have to accept the fact that we have been undermined by an aberrant ideology that will do everything in their power to destroy our freedom and liberty for their ideas that they proclaimed will maim, and kill us to obtain. This is fast becoming a do or die proposition and we are behind in this race as we did not expect the DNC and their acolytes to be so violent. That ship has sailed and we had better strike while the iron is hot and RICO the DNC, contact congress and the DOJ and demand they prosecute these lawless elements for our safety and posterity. Back to the DNC Surrogate & Proxy By Any Means Necessary page.

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