This expose on Faithful America is showing the scope of the DNC cabal that is arrayed against our nation and depths they will plumb to bring about their desire for one party hegemony. This is reprehensible that religion, which the DNC an aberrant ideology rejects out of hand is being made to server their purposes and deceive the faithful. We believe that religion in this nation has a code of conduct along with mores, values and principles which the DNC has rejected out of hand, so it is simply to gain the upper hand by any means necessary.

Which we have seen in practically every endeavor the DNC engages in that is to win by any means necessary, especially to depose Trump, nothing is beneath them.

The DNC is prepared to stoop to any level to win. Using gullible Christians in this effort is blasphemy in our estimation but for the DNC it has always been for fair or foul while demanding scrupulous adherence from their enemies, on their own beliefs when they engage them. Heads I win, Tails you lose. One of the most telling lines is this excerpt from our Soros Religious Left’s War on Trump story:

In 2015 alone, Soros’s Foundation to Promote Open Society made a total of $431 million in contributions and grants to far-left groups and causes around the world. What good is funding radical organizations on that scale if it doesn’t cover at least a few rent-a-mobs that can assemble in the streets on short notice? While Capital Research Center has for more than a decade regularly shined a spotlight on the Hungarian-born billionaire’s political activities, the ever-expanding Soros-Trump confrontation offers an opportunity to recalibrate. Questions loom, most as urgent as the following: How do we assess the political impact of the vast, half-hidden empire of Soros-sustained nonprofit groups?  

Where exactly does this fit in with the DNC ideology of rent-a-mob and where does fit in the grand scheme of things. We suspect that is to gain an ever larger audience and to prosthelytize the aberrant ideology and give a skin of respectability. It is also a means to get the Christian community to accept the aberrant sexual deviancy that seems to be woven into their ideology, as they have been successful for many churches and Christians to accept gay marriage which has been a tremendous success to their effort in destroying our culture. However; most Christians still believe in the hate the sin; love the sinner that Christianity teaches. Whereas we know that it is never the issue but the revolution and soon as the DNC wins one battle it is on to the next as they will never rest until our nation, beliefs and religion is destroyed.

This is just one more avenue for them to work in as the DNC and their aberrant ideology continues to work its way into every aspect of our lives and corrupt and destroy it from the inside out. So we can only assume that this effort is just another front on their culture was against our nation. We wonder how it is that these retched souls can corrupt a movement that is meant to bring salvation to mankind and give them solace in face of calamities in life that are only breached through faith in something greater than themselves. That is the battle space that this is now being taken to.

We simply need to destroy the DNC which has become a corrupter to all that is good in our nation and society and prosecute them to extinction with the RICO statutes, contact congress and DOJ to bring this about, as this shows that the DNC is not above using our own beliefs against us.

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