Leave it to Hillary to figure out a way to monetize her loss at the polls last year with a new radical group that allies with Van Jones of Color of Change and Indivisible which we will discuss next. Now Antifa.  Either way we continue to see the same people being involved in another group, Its like Deja Vue as they are like a revolving door as they wend and wind their way through these groups and organizations. As we said before this is not by accident as it makes the DNC and leftist cabal appear to be bigger and larger than they are as it increases their footprint in our society and allows them to manufacture consensus instantaneously.

While our discussion is a little lean at this time as this organization is rather new and only formed in May. What is troubling is that it is already allied with a rather unsavory and radical groups and individuals.

We wonder if Hillary had won the election and Trump had made unsubstantiated charges of a foreign power meddling in our election as Hillary has done and demanded a congressional investigation how would she have acted. Our guess is that she and Congress would have laughed in his face and called him a sore loser. Instead we are being taken to the brink of calamity by the aberrant ideology of the DNC and even have a special counsel looking into the so-called Russian collusion in our election. Frankly we are stunned that this has even come about and shows in no uncertain terms the inordinate amount of power that the DNC wields in our nations capitol. We have a former two time loser for the office of president making baseless and insidious charges based on innuendo that our president is not legitimate.

This has never happened in our history of peaceful transfer of power from one president to the next. Much less the former opponent making such statements:

“Resist, insist, persist, enlist.”

What exactly are the citizens to resist…?!?

What are they to insist upon…?!?

What are they to persist at…?!?

What are they to enlist…?!?

I guess you have to be a mindless DNC acolyte that can make any sense of that narrative, because from our perspective it sure sounds a lot like sedition. This brings into focus as nothing else can that the DNC and their ideologues are not bound by law and the rule of law, what’s more anything that gets them across the finish line no matter how illegal is fair game. Clearly they have jettisoned the rule of law for mob rule and are now in open insurrection of our duly elected and seated government. We haven’t seen such vitriol and violence and insurrection out of the DNC since Lincoln was elected.

Either way we do not see anything good coming out of Hillary’s latest venture and if past is prologue we expect to see the same corruption and lawlessness that we saw with the Clinton Foundation and her pay to play scheme she ran out of the Secretary of State office. Her inability to take constructive criticism and her outright criminality does not bode well for the future, and her alliance with unsavory radical groups betrays her true intentions. Which is why we must demand that the DOJ prosecute her and the DNC to end the lawlessness and further degradation to the rule of law, which has taken such a beating these last nine years. Demand the DOJ and Congress act.

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DNC Ally Hillary Clinton’s Onward  Together

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