We are in a battle for the heart and soul of this nation. The DNC and their affiliates as shown by this stellar work by David Horowitz has given us a road map to the left in all their flavors. This one seminal reference has given us the ability to define our enemy, and it is through this that we can bring down their anti-American ideology once and for all. We are committed at RICO the DNC to bring about the destruction to a criminal enterprise that is masquerading as a political party that wishes nothing more than to abolish of our freedom and liberty.

The sheer size of this cabal is staggering, but the weak link has always been the DNC which is their political arm which moves the machinery of our federal government. If we bring this arm to an end these organizations, groups and individuals will wither on the vine as they will no longer be able to feed from the federal trough which they have been for far too long.

Many have wondered why they DNC and left can mobilize objections so rapidly against anything that conservatives propose. It matters little what that proposal is, since one group or another, in many cases numerous groups are there to manufacture consensus against the issue, at the drop of a hat. This is not governance but a projection of an aberrant ideology that uses the levers of power in our government to bring about our downfall. This is not an exaggeration, far from it as Discover The Networks search engine has proven. We are in a battle and we must define our enemy, they have used our own system of government against us. They have taken the long march through our institutions and have captured the psyche of a new generation that has swallowed their pabulum with relish to the point they are ready to depose our duly elected and sworn in government in Washington.

And yet, they have been rejected by the good people of this nation, who rose up last year, we said enough the line for our nation, people and posterity is here, we are resolute the DNC can go no farther in their madness and desperation to destroy our cherished freedom and liberty.

We are at such a point that government has been used against the very people that it was intended to succor and mutually for lack of a better term protect our collective rights of our founding principles. What in reality we were given by the DNC and their aberrant ideology was a government rife with corruption and illegality where our cherished concept of justice was used against the very people it was created to protect. Bringing our society to their knees where we could plainly see that it was now a refuge for well connected scoundrels in the sphere of the DNC groupthink. Where justice became JustUs as law and the rule of law was used as a political weapon against anyone that did not belong to the DNC and their aberrant ideology, mostly conservatives.

That is not freedom or liberty but an abuse of government used to serve the faithful that were willing to reject our founding principles, mores and values to serve a political system that is fueled by envy, lust, greed and immorality of every nature and kind. This is what we are up against the weak point in this battle is the DNC which is the political arm of this massive cabal that seeks our destruction as a constitutional republic for a nation of willing subjects and one party hegemony. What in fact they desire is a fascist state where they control our lives. It is for all these reasons that they must be denied this goal. Use this resource to fight back and RICO the DNC to oblivion, contact Washington and demand they act.

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