Our nation was founded by men who knew the meaning of the word tyranny as they were British Citizens with rights that had been defined by numerous acts by the King of England among them are the Charter of Liberties 1100 AD, Magna Carta 1215 AD, Confirmation of Charters 1297 AD, Confirmation of Rights 1687 AD, English Bill of Rights 1689. Through all of these declarations and confirmations the King had promised to faithfully abide by them.

As British citizens we were used to pay for the Crowns excesses while having our right to representation diminished and obliterated. We had rights and we stood as British citizens and demanded that we would not pay unjust taxation without representation since our Houses of Legislation had been closed by the Kings men. This lit the torch of freedom among the Colonies and we were brought to separate from England by the work of the Sons of Liberty. Who were shopkeepers, tavern owners, cobblers and other ordinary people of their day who were being abused by their own government. Not unlike today where we see that government has lost their way and the concept of stewardship and governance are lost to the ages replaced by special interest and crony capitalist of the DNC and others.

Replaced by ideologues that rule by fiat not unlike the King of England that denied our right to self determination that had been guaranteed by the Kings own hand and swept away our rights that had been hard won and fought for by our ancestors in England.

We have seen that the DNC is an aberrant ideology that has been as fickle, petty and flippant as that of King George III who have gone so far as to scheme, plot and implement a nationwide scheme to disenfranchise every DNC voter in all 50 states by their illegal acts to coronate Hillary their candidate in the 2016 election. Then all the behind the scenes motions to make sure that she would never stand trial for her emoluments scam while Secretary of State with her private server so she could hide it all from everyone. The in your face corruption of the Obama years was staggering and unnecessary when we are a nation of laws, not of men.

But what we witnessed was nothing less that fascism where corporate interests were melded with that of the state, in this case the federal government and it was done in one scheme and scam after another to the personal profit of many within and without government service in contravention of law. This sad chapter will not be looked at kindly by historians and will show the rank criminality for what it is. What are we to say much less do to end this nightmare of government for sale to the highest bidder. It would be one thing if it endeavored to further our national interests but when we examine one case after another it is only to further the interests of a select few who are well connected on the national and international scale and the American people are dead last on that list. Clearly these acts show as no others the criminality of the DNC as a criminal enterprise that is willing to lie, cheat and steal their way to corrupt outcomes that benefit only themselves. We have gone through 8 years of rank tyranny and what do we have to show for it but massive debt. It took all presidents since Washington to amass 10 trillion in debt.

Obama managed that by himself in just 8 years and we have nothing to show for it but a divided nation tearing itself apart by an aberrant ideology that knows no rest or respite until this nation is destroyed. Contact congress and demand that they bring this to an end and RICO the DNC to oblivion, for our posterity and future.

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