The National Lawyers Guild has been in the DNC corner since 1937 and has a history of constant scrutiny by the DOJ by several administrations. We understand that everyone has a right to counsel when they are charged with a crime and that someone has to come forward and represent the accused. What see is that the DNC has used our system of justice to corrupt our principles beyond what you expect of vigorous defense in a court case.

What we see is active subversion and why we believe they have been scrutinized by Congress and the DOJ.

Clearly this notion that we proffer has been present for many years and that others have risen to the challenge to investigate the DNC and their aberrant ideology. There is a big difference between investigation and what would be provable in a court of law, we are not privy to what the Truman DOJ was thinking, but we can venture a guess. We suspect that they have many of the same concerns and questions that we do, about groups and entities like the National Lawyers Guild. We have seen so many actions by the DNC and the Obama regime that were in your face corruption and blatant illegality that we felt compelled to label the DNC an aberrant ideology and their crimes that of a criminal enterprise no different than a Mafioso family. The only difference being that they claim to be a political party and somehow that excuses them from acting within the law.

We beg to differ, just because others do not have the political will to raise their voices in protest does not mean that their crimes are anything else but actionable under the law. Either we are a nation of laws or we are not and the corruption to law and the rule of law that we see with the DNC and their cabal that acts in so many areas of our nation is disturbing, troubling a frankly unbelievable all at the same time.

The most amount of damage that can be inflicted on our nation is through the courts, and having such zealous and ardent practitioners corrupting jurisprudence can be fatal to our nation and people.

We have seen that the corruption during the Obama years was rampant and in your face and covered the entire gamut from weaponizing federal agencies. Then the practice of seating known enemies of our nation at the highest level was disturbing, and left us vulnerable to national security lapses, we are talking about Islam. What we did not see was actions from the National Lawyers Guild, or them raising their voices when our immigration laws were flouted by Obama and his band of reprobates. Not one peep, what in fact they did was defend theses nation destroying policies at every turn.

And therein lies the difference.

The selective use of law to further an aberrant ideology and policies that cost many Americans their lives when these groups and entities chose to look the others way. But when a group or entity needed legal representation for breaking our laws these same legal assassins were right there on the spot to render aid and has been since 1937. So we can only conclude that the effort to bring this nation to one party hegemony will continue unabated and will only accelerate in the future.

No doubt assisted in the agenda by the National Lawyers Guild, and why we believe they have been investigated by Congress and the DOJ.

This is the DNC and their aberrant ideology on full display and why we must RICO them and their leaders and convict and incarcerate them for their anti-American ideology, contact Congress and demand they do so.

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