Alliance for Justice is just one of a long line of DNC oriented organizations that when looked in their entirety are a massive cabal who’s only purpose is to push and enjoin the progressive agenda into every corner of our society. These entities practice in so many fields that you cannot name a specific avenue in our society that these ideologues do not have at least a toe in the water if not the entire segment.

This particular entity kibitzes in the judicial nomination process with the intention of swaying the Senate in the confirmation process. They never met a progressive judge or justice they did not swoon over or a conservative they did not have their pitchforks and torches out for. We notice a particular egregious example of their handiwork over the Merrick Garland nominee that Obama put up after Justice Scalia passed in a glowing 102 page slick document that praised the judge on every decision and was the second coming of Jesus, in black robes. That was hyperbole because the DNC and their aberrant ideology has rejected Christianity so he would not be compared as such. But you get the idea. Then when we went to their website the Neil Gorsuch dissent was scrubbed of the document that had put up for download.

No doubt it was full of vitriol that someone had not been treated well and comported with the proper due them in the opinion of these rabid ideologues that think their only duty is to bring forward a one party hegemony by any means necessary. Courts case only accelerate this process and allow them the ability to amend the Constitution from the bench instead of applying law to the fact(s) of the matter before them.

Then when you listen to Chuck Schumer in the press conference (Smearing Of Neil Gorsuch video) you hear him discuss one negative issue after another as he disparages Neil Gorsuch President Trump’s recent pick who was confirmed to SCOTUS. If you listen closely everything he attacks him on is superfluous, and has everything to do with the DNC ideological agenda. He does not talk about his intellect or his deep sense of fidelity to the law, no it is how does not emote over the latest case that comes before him and that his temperament is ill suited to sit on the court.

Watch the video and decide for yourself what this is all about because it sure isn’t the case at hand which by the way Alphonse won.

This is how the Alliance for Justice acts as well since they push every candidate that a DNC president nominates and rejects and scandalizes (if they can) any conservatives; this video is particularly shameful as it is purely an exercise in emoting that the DNC is so skilled at. Nothing in the plea is factual or even germane to the case(s) Neil Gorsuch heard, it is simply the DNC practice of pandering. Black plaintiff good, white judge bad.

So we are at the end of the day fighting against an aberrant ideology that uses our system of government against the American people at every turn, for instance here are the last form 990 tax returns for Alliance for Justice and you can see they get special tax breaks for pushing their brand of ideology onto the American people. We you can see lots of money flows in and out of entities like these who’s sole purpose is to instill and install the DNC agenda onto and into the courts of this nation.

For one purpose only to rule their agenda into the record and amend the Constitution by judicial fiat, the same as we had with executive fiat the last eight years. The DNC does not play fair and why they stack the deck in their favor at every opportunity, this is best illustrated by the last election where the DNC rigged the entire election in a nationwide election fraud scam to ensure Hillary was anointed. By fair or foul, mostly foul the DNC agenda and cabal must prevail and they are doing everything in their power to make it so. The will of the people is such a quaint and outdated notion to these rabid ideologues…

Which is why we need to demand that congress and the DOJ investigate this criminal enterprise that is masquerading as a political party that has their tentacles in every corner and avenue in our nation and society, working for one purpose to create one party hegemony, some would call it a fascist state. Use our contact page and demand that congress and the DOJ act to investigate and prosecute the past and present leaders of the DNC and the Obama regime that institutionalized corruption into our system of government to oblivion.

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