Move On is taking the same tired road as most all other DNC cabal networks that are feeding off of the hatred from each other and directing towards Trump, the GOP and conservatives in general. This is not by accident as we see that this technique is as old as any leftist aberrant ideologies go. They start out by polarizing their nation and society, usually with a scapegoat then blame all of their failures on this scapegoat. Germany used the Jews, the USSR used the Kulaks and capitalists to blame their failure to fulfill their unobtainable promises over.

Obama used the GOP and conservatives.

This is a feature of this aberrant ideology that is based on envy, lust and greed and are three of the seven deadly sins. When you hear that “you didn’t build that” or “at some point you have enough money” that is simply greed. That others are successful and so they have unduly gained at the expense of others. This is central to their aberrant ideology that believes that wealth is a zero sum game, where some have succeeded and many failed. They see this a inequality and that the free market system is unfair and penalizes the many so that a few may profit. Not realizing that wealth is an effort of hard work, determination, education  and perseverance.

At the end of the day it is simply greed and sloth, that they are the champions of the downtrodden that have been exploited by the few. This is the same pabulum that the DNC and similar ideologies have spouted for years. It is the lazy man’s way to justify the rank expropriation of others wealth. Claiming the system is stacked against them and it is fundamentally flawed. When in reality our system of government and society only promises equal opportunity, not outcomes.

When we participate in our economy as equals with the understanding that we should be able to succeed if we work hard and long enough without undue interference from government then we can and do profit from our labors.

But that is not what the DNC and left believe so we are in a constant struggle against their onslaughts. They are now at a point that the polarization and lawlessness is out of control. Because for eight long interminable years of the Obama regime we were subjected to fascism and rule by fiat and law was turned on its head. The rank and in your face corruption was legendary and with each new affront to the Constitution and rule of law the DNC and leftist cabal applauded and they to wished to stick a fork in the dying carcass of our free market system.

Then the election of 2016 upset the apple cart and now they are outraged, and frustrated as they were just about to grab the brass ring and destroy our nation once and for all. They simply want to bring fascism to our nation and people, so the DNC and can rule this nation as they see fit. You cannot reward such lawlessness as Obama did and not have societal consequences. This is simply the rule of man and Move On is just another organization that has tasted the fruits of unbridled power. These people and groups are dangerous as they have shown utter contempt to the rule of law where it becomes fascism and rule by fiat. Clearly the actions of these truly sick and twisted people belies their true motive to subjugate the people of this nation by any means necessary. It is time this ends and the rule of law be restored, by Congress and the DOJ that can and must prosecute these aberrant past and present leaders and Obama regime officials of the DNC and their supporting organizations, make your voice be heard for Justice and lay the aberrant concept of JustUs in the past where it belongs…

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