One characteristic of all leftist ideologies and that includes the big three Marxism, Nazism and Communism is their propensity towards propaganda and using disinformation and misinformation to destabilize a nation and society. The USSR had Pravda Russian for ‘Truth’ and Izvestiya, ‘News’ the old joke in the USSR is that “Pravda didn’t have any truth and Izvestiya didn’t have any news.”

Does this sound familiar…?

In our nation we have had a robust news organizations thanks to the First Amendment which guarantees freedom of the press, sadly though we have seen an encroachment of leftist interests of the DNC that have taken the news business to new lows never seen in our nation. We are now inundated with misinformation, disinformation and outright propaganda. Democracy Now is nothing but a front for all things leftist oriented and in particular the DNC cabal that is so prevalent in our society. We lamented what has happened to our cherished concept of free expression of ideas, and the presentation of the facts as who, what, where, when and why, instead of the debased presentation of propaganda to reinforce political paradigms and push faulty agendas.

We regularly attempt to view Democracy Now TV broadcasts and can only stomach about two to three minutes worth before we see right through their rank propaganda as cheerleaders for the DNC and their aberrant ideology. However; what we are witnessing is an American tradition first crafted by the Wilson regime which pioneered and created propaganda. Our history tells a very different story of the truth if one is willing to look. Here is a historical perspective of George Creel our first propaganda minister:

George Creel was by all accounts a man of two faces.  In private, he was personable, funny, and gregarious, one of the best story-tellers of his day, a truly likeable personality. In public, however, Creel was something of a berserker. His public speeches were so bellicose and bitter that once he was said to have been shocked to read in the newspaper the next day what he had said. Though outspoken and tactless, even his critics had to admit that Creel had energy and imagination. Congress authorized a budget of $1,250,000, but Creel was also heavily subsidized by the Wilson's “President’s fund”.  With near limitless cash at his disposal, Creel soon cranked up a massive propaganda machine.

Fast forward to today and we have practically the entire news media in the tank for the DNC and their aberrant ideology where conservative thought is diminished if not outright lambasted with mostly commentary and opinion substituting for news.

We have big moneyed interests that invest heavily in the media to sway and convince Americans of the newest and latest affront to our freedom of the DNC that they wish to implement. Take for instance the gay marriage issue that carried the day, it was not done by an overwhelming clamor from the people, far from it was a carefully crafted propaganda operation and through DNC lawfare.

Democracy Now is the the end game for freedom of the press in this nation, it is also not unexpected at the same time that freedom of speech is also under assault in public square by surrogates and proxies of DNC busting heads when they dare come and attempt to speak, as a countervailing force to all the propaganda.

If we are to keep our freedom and liberty means we need to seek out real sources of news, ones that lay bare the truth and that can only be found on the internet as most any and all corporate sources are tainted. This also means that we need to become discerning citizens as we weigh what we hear and see against our founding principals values and mores to discern where the speakers interests really lay. One thing for certain is the DNC has a massive cabal that is interested in one thing and that is total domination of our society, media and institutions.

This means if we are to survive with our freedom and liberty intact we must RICO the DNC which is an aberrant ideology that is nothing more than a criminal enterprise that is working towards total domination of our government, and as we have shown by any means necessary. Therefore; we must demand that Congress and the DOJ bring them to justice for their many crimes against this nation and people. Contact congress and the DOJ and demand that they do so, today, right this minute as the nation you save will be your own.

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