John Podesta has a long history of carrying water for the DNC, he is also a central figure in the now debunked claim that his emails were hacked by the Russians and distributed through Wikileaks. When in fact the evidence shows that the data came from inside the firewall, cursory analysis shows the timestamp data rates were to fast for an Internet connection since it is slowed down by packet transfer rates of the hyper text transfer protocol (HTTP) which is used on the Internet.

So he must be lying about his his email being hacked, par for the course for Podesta.

We keep coming across the same people as we mentioned before, they are constantly creating new organizations to increase their footprint in our society and nation and this is not by accident. John Podesta is also associated with the Center for American Progress as well. Not to mention his long association with the Clinton’s which have brought forward some of the most odious agendas we have ever seen.

But enough of that, we need to ask a pointed question it is the same we asked in another discussion:

That question is: why does an aberrant ideology such as the DNC need a propaganda arm such as Media Matters to shape our opinions…?

Certainly we are capable of rational thinking as adults to discuss the issues among ourselves and come to consensus without the need for a propaganda machine, at least one would think so. So what is the real reason for Media Matters…? If we look at what is actually happening in our streets and cities with violent surrogates and proxies of the DNC out to bust anyone’s head that dares voice a contrary opinion gives many pause and concern for where we are headed as a nation and people. If we were to make an observation at this critical juncture it would be if the DNC and their ideology were anywhere near what they claim it is, in other words a caring more gracious more enlightened ideology.

Wouldn’t our society be that as well…?!?

In this case it is Think Progress, which has been caught deliberately created propaganda, we believe that is to create false narratives and deceive the American people. So we come to the same conclusion as well:

But that is not what we have. We have a coarseness in our public debate where we are polarized between conservative and the DNC hard line of comply or be… So at the end of the day their verbiage certainly does not comport with their actions and all we can safely assume is that the DNC and their leftist cabal is as aberrant as any we have seen before in the guise of the Nazis and the KKK as hate personified. Actions speak louder than words.

Then, we can make another conclusion: that these entities that bring propaganda to our people are in fact acting as an aberrant ideology that will say and do anything, after all they are in the streets in insurrection, with the DNC openly advocating for sedition. These acts must come with a price, either we are a nation of laws or we are not, to continue to deceive ourselves that this ideology actually has the best intentions for our people and nation is disproved by the evidence.

Which means we must prosecute the DNC with the RICO statutes along their past and present leaders, contact congress and the DOJ, demand they take up the fight. Back to DNC Ally John Podesta & Think Progress page.

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