We chose the Ruckus Society to illustrate the point that the DNC is willing to ally with such violent and reckless groups and individuals, more to the point they fund them and succor them for what purpose appears to be obvious. They are shock troops and foot soldiers for them to use when they believe the issue calls for them. Many have used the term rent-a-mob and it seems appropriate. However we do not see that the GOP has any corresponding type groups or entities that are used as political tools and weapons, like the DNC has.

We have shown that this group is funded and has been at the direction of DNC kingmaker George Soros, it is also supported by the Tides Foundation, and has been directly linked to violence by the Department of Homeland Security.

So, this begs the question why does the left have so many overlapping groups that perform the same function…?

We have seen that Media Matters and John Podesta’s Think Progress are two propaganda and smear operations that are used to discredit conservatives and others that are targeted for marginalization and polarization. Then we have shown that Color of Change, Antifa, Move On, Indivisible, Black Lives Matter, By Any Means Necessary are all used for the same function seven on our site alone with many more in the employ of the DNC and their aberrant ideology.

Chaos and political violence, are their stock and trade…

How different is this than the Nazis, Soviets, Shining Path and host of others on the left that routinely use(d) violence as a political tool for oppressive change.

We see know difference, nor is their plausible deniability as many of these entities strangely are 501 C-3 tax exempt organizations, or their funding is given to them from a tax exempt entity. How is that the DNC is given carte blanche to commit crimes on an epic scale and not face prosecution. The only plausible explanation is that our government is afraid to tackle them.

That thought is outright chilling and we must reject that out of hand as the vast resources of our federal government is daunting to say the least, so we suspect that is a lack of political will. What we have seen for the last eight years is a destruction to the rule of law where justice was used as a political weapon against the enemies of the DNC. Sadly congress did nothing to restrain Obama and his criminal enterprise that took corruption and criminality to new heights never before seen in our history. It was rank in you face corruption with the DNC getting their share of the spoils and giving cover along with the nations mainstream media. So here we are all these years later and we have armed DNC surrogates and proxies shutting down our first amendment rights to peaceful assembly and to free speech.

This is not by accident and has been carefully crafted by Obama, and the DNC as they are taking the nation to one party hegemony, many would call it a fascist state, we share that description.

This shows that the DNC does not care one iota for the safety and security of the American people and that Obama had schemed all along with others and their retched DNC cabal to overthrow our government by what looks like a rolling coup. As the justification changes daily but the desire to depose our duly elected president continues unabated. Let your voice be heard and contact Washington and let them know that the DNC must be prosecuted to extinction.

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