The DNC & Left Only Appears To Be Pervasive

This website is the culmination of our other two sites, the first RICO the DNC characterizes the DNC and their aberrant ideology as they practice it, since they do not have a cohesive worldview based on bedrock principals; we have endeavored to characterize them by their shared beliefs. It is a work in progress and is not complete but is a good working model to build on. Our second site is TAKE DOWN the DNC and is for lack of a better term an indictment of the corruption and illegal acts by the DNC itself and their present and past leaders. As well as the Obama regime officials, this is how they govern, badly. The DNC has turned our cherished concept of Justice into JustUs as a political tool to destroy their enemies.

They have ruled by fiat and done everything in their power to marginalize conservative thought and speech. This is done to drown out competing ideas since the DNC and their aberrant ideology cannot compete on a level playing and is why they have been so vocal about so-called hate speech. Which in reality is speech that calls them out on their anti-American ideas and verbiage.  

HATE the DNC attempts to get our arms around the all pervasive ideology that has corrupted practically every institution in our nation, from education, entertainment, legal and judiciary and of course government. They have rejected our founding principles and use our system of government to institute another form that is more in line with totalitarian systems of governance than our constitutional republic, and is in effect fascism.

It seems as if they are everywhere, that only appears to be true.

By using all these organizations (there are many more) we have cataloged the DNC and their fellow travelers can manufacture consensus on a moments notice and why we have an outpouring of support that is actually in appearance only and not deeply held beliefs of the majority in this nation. This is proven by the election results from last November where the American people rejected the DNC candidates and elected a political newcomer to the highest office in the land. But appearances are everything and the DNC and affiliates can turn what appear to be grassroots support on and off instantly when needed.

We show that they have created an all pervasive presence in the legal field where they attempt to subvert and destroy our founding principles through lawfare and a left lurching judiciary. In the financial arena working through foundations where money is used to push and expand the progressive movement, thought and governance and is used extensively to elect DNC and affiliated candidates. And in the political arena with DNC politicians, along with socialists, communists and others that share many of the same goals. Then when violence is needed they have at their disposal the use of radical groups that engage in insurrection which has been stifling our citizens right to free speech and right of assembly our first amendment rights lately with the DNC proselytizing sedition through all of it.

None of this is by accident, these groups, organizations and foundations are everywhere and are working at every level to turn this nation into one party hegemony, others would call it a one party fascist state.

We continually hear that there is too much money in politics and the DNC has vowed to repeal the Citizens United Case and it is a sure bet that they will try again as a matter of fact 56 DNC Senators pushed a Constitutional amendment to do just that. It is the first time in our history that a resolution to amend the Bill of Rights had been attempted. It failed but the desire to stifle free speech is certainly on the agenda. This attempt was due to the Citizens United case. But what we find most troubling is that the DNC and left have all these organizations, foundations and left leaning groups in every avenue of our culture and society and all working together to bring about a destruction to the rule of law and our liberty and freedom.

Clearly they have tipped the scales in their favor, and yet with all these entities acting in concert they have been unable to succeed, but they are close, so close that they are willing to engage in open sedition and insurrection after the loss of the last election. It is for all these attempts and their willingness to alter our form of government that we must use the RICO statutes and prosecute the DNC to oblivion, the wellspring for all these freedom destroying initiatives. Back to our home page.

Alan P. Halbert, CMBA

Publisher & Chief Editor 2017©